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Misleading Title..

Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting - Wayne W. Dyer

The book is a misnomer.
The title -" Wishes fulfilled through Jesus & Christianity.. " is more apt and would have done more justice to represent the book's content.
Not getting me ?? yeah...i thought so..let me introduce to you,some excerpts from the book :

"..........perhaps it is a radical idea for you to declare," i am god & god is love" or believe that " He who abides in love abides in god, and god in him " (1 john 4:16) is who you are. when you are this god, this essence o pure love, it is all you have to give away, and when you realign yourselves in this vein (once again quoting Juesus the Christ,)" With men this is impossible,but with God all things
are possible " Now, all things are possible leaves out nothing including your ability fulfil any and all wishes that are aligned with God.
".......Every time you think of the expression I AM, you initiate God in action.why not continually remind yourself that I LIVE , MOVE,AND HAVE MY BEING AS GOD, THE I AM THAT I AM?If you are a christian or Jewish, you will see that these tidings of spiritual truth i am delivering here are dramatically harmonised with your core teachings....."

Seriously ....i summoned my iron will (lost in the battle of understanding the book's content) and Tried so hard to actually go through the immense Pain of reading this book.. which was but futile, and proved to be too much an effort..

Once ...
lost somewhere in the middle of the ocean of quotations from The Bible,
Suddenly did the insight struck up on me like a thunderbolt and my the then emaciated cerebral hemispheres realised that i am NOT reading The Bible..., but a book concerned with the process of fulfilling my wishes.believe me ...it was the happiest moment all through the journey of reading this book and i said goodbye to the book.....
with tears of joy in my eyes..

Seriously guys....if you belong to any other religion, then this book will bore you to death...Period.
And if you are a regular in church activities, you will love the book ,
But sure will FORGET THE ACTUAL REASON...you picked up the book.