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Amazingly Informative.....Highly Educational, Deeply insightful and Myth busting Book.., 24 July 2014

Don't Lose Out, Work Out! - Rujuta Diwekar

Amazingly Informative.....Highly Educational, Deeply Insightful Book..

I Was blown away , i must admit...all the way..
The way Rujuta has peeled away the layers and layers of prevailing nutritional & exercise myths/fads in our society that are very far from the truth, revealing the beautiful science behind is really worth a standing ovation,in my opinion.
With a deep understanding of the human physiology and kinesiology , the holistic approach suggested by the author , offering insightful,sound scientific backup every step of the way.... is what captivated me through the entire book..

The Fatloss myths of our society ,The Aerobic & Anaerobic metabolism,Training in the Lactate Threshold,FITT Principle, etc with their specific advantages and how the Elite,smart fitness pros exploit them.. was explained in a way that even a layman...(of course an english speaking one)
can easily understand..is Brilliant.
The book is loaded with myth busting principles..
for eg..
How Cardio in the morning does not help fatloss..,
How Aerobics might work against the very attempt of fatloss if not combined with anaerobic exercises,

All in all...this book is a MUST-if you are a fitness enthusiast...coz you will know the science behind the principles
(FITT, EPOC, VO2 Max,4R , Metabolic pathways, Type 1-2 fibres, Isotonic vs Eccentric contraction,Insulin sensitivity,Resting Metabolism, RPE, Glycogenolysis, etc...etc..),

and is an ABSOLUTE..MUST -If you are NOT a fitness enthusiast,
coz you will Then have the exhilarating joy of seeing all your myth bubbles getting busted..

Thank you Rujuta , for such a wonderful book...